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Contract and collaborative research

GRE can help identify viable funding and support streams for your research and development project(s).

We provide opportunities for collaboration with us that will bring leading edge innovation to your organisation.

Research-led business innovation

If you need research in an area that you don't have expertise in yourself, you can commission us to carry out a research project for you. Collaborate with us on a funded project or develop skills within your own company through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Our range of dedicated research centres demonstrate how they contribute to the university's focus on world-changing research themes. Explore how collaborative research is benefiting both businesses and society.

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The university is regarded as a world-leading specialist in many academic and industrial fields.

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Enterprise Development Managers

Our team of Enterprise Development Managers (EDMs) work with companies to identify their business needs, on anything from product research and development to innovating new operational processes, to applying research-based solutions to business challenges.