Freedom of Information Act statement for tenderers

The attention of Tenderer's is drawn to the following statement on the University's obligation regarding disclosure of information under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

  1. The University undertakes to use its best endeavours to hold confidential any information provided by Tenderer's in response to an Invitation to Tender, subject to the University's obligations under law regarding disclosure.
  2. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 applied to the University and all its wholly owned subsidiary companies from 1st January 2005. From that date any individual can request access to any records held, subject to the various exemptions provisions in the Act.
  3. Tenderer's who wish that any of the information supplied in the Tender should not be disclosed, should, when providing the information, identify if any of the information supplied in response to an Invitation to Tender is confidential or commercially sensitive and should not be disclosed in response to a request for information under the aforementioned Act. The tenderer should state why they consider the information to be confidential or commercially sensitive. The onus is on the Tenderer to identify sensitive areas to the University in the tender submission.
  4. Please note that the University is not under any obligation to refuse to release any information that is marked confidential, and it is up to the University to judge whether exemptions apply and whether information should be released. Please also note that in the event that no information is identified as confidential or commercially sensitive, then it is likely to be released in response to a request under the Act. It will be the policy of the University to consult with relevant parties prior to making a decision under the Act, where possible. The University will in all instances be bound by the findings of the Information Commissioner with regard to any requests under the Act.

Quick Quotes

How Quick Quotes Works

We are gradually rolling out the use of "Quick Quotes" through our e-Tendering System. "Quick Quotes" allows authorised staff in Faculties, Directorates and Institutes to invite suppliers and contractors to submit quotations for expenditures below the competitive tendering threshold of £75,000.

This will enhance efficiency in transacting business between the university and suppliers, as well as provide information on the requirements profiles across the University for Procurement planning purposes.

The procedure to submit your "Quick Quote" proposal is the same as the tender return procedure so please see our Guide to In-Tend for more information.

Suppliers' contact details must be kept up to date as "Quick Quotes" requests are sent out by email notification and we are keen to ensure that potential suppliers are given every opportunity to quote for requirements.

Tendering procedure

The University's Procurement rules and procedures are based on probity, accountability,  efficiency, and value for money.  Our financial thresholds reflect these.

For expenditure under £75,000, competitive quotations are sought by authorised staff in Faculties, Institutes, and Directorates in consultation with Procurement & Business Services.

For expenditures exceeding £75,000 competitive tenders are sought by Procurement & Business Services.  Where the EU Financial Thresholds are likely to be reached, i.e. £181,302 for Supplies and/or Services, and £4,551,413 for Works, tender opportunities are advised in the Official Journal of the European Communities, Suppliers must meet the specific selection criteria for inclusion of a Select List of Tenderers.

The tendering procedure involves the provision of documents for completion by suppliers, which usually include the following sections:

  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
  • Invitation to Tender letter
  • Form of Tender
  • Conditions of Contract and Special Conditions
  • Requirements Specification
  • Preambles and Tender Return Instruction
  • Instructions for Tendering
  • Schedules/Bills of Quantities

Tenders are to be submitted via the University's electronic tendering system for opening, analysis, and evaluation by a Tender Evaluation Panel comprising of the clients/users, and a representative of Procurement & Business Services. All tenderers are informed of the result of the tender process based on good practice and compliance with University Financial Regulations, Procurement Procedures, and statutory provisions.

On acceptance of a tender by the University, a Purchase Order will be issued via our eProcurement system, and performance monitored jointly by the lead client and Procurement & Business Services.

How to register

In order to secure and sustain value for money we pursue a Collaborative Procurement strategy involving participation in some consortia and framework agreements. If you are registered under a HE or Consortia framework agreement, do let us know and you may be admitted onto our Preferred Suppliers List without having to re-complete the full assessment process.

Contractors and consultants registered with Constructionline the UK's largest qualification register forms the basis of our accredited supply base for works and construction-related procurement. Streamlining the process of selecting suitable contractors through integration with our e-Tendering system. If you are not on Constructionline, you are strongly advised to register now and thereby avoid duplication of effort as well as improve your opportunities of securing contracts.

For other applicants you are required to register all information outlined in our preferred list criteria.

Please, email the below details to procurement

  • Registered Company Name.
  • Registered Number.
  • Registered Address.
  • General Contact Information.
  • Contact Details (e-mail and telephone numbers) for two persons.
  • Your Business Types - The Goods/Services/Works you provide as per the UNSPSC Coding Structure.