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Sustainable events


As a university committed to sustainability, our Conferences and Events offering reflects this commitment and will strive to ensure that any event held at the University of Greenwich is as sustainable as possible.

Applying our sustainability principles within hospitality and catering allows us to optimise resource use, minimise environmental impacts and ensures legal compliance.

We also now offer the option to purchase certified carbon offsets to help absorb the carbon footprint of your event. Make your event Carbon Neutral, for as little as £16.00. Working with, together we can all do our part in protecting and renewing the planet. Ask the Events Team for more information about your carbon footprint and offsets we offer by emailing them at:

Through our catering we can also work together to help meet the University’s Net Zero Carbon goals and encourage lower carbon choices through our catering offerings. Our menus encourage healthy, plant-based options or lower carbon choices that cater for your needs.

Graysons, our catering provider, is fully aligned with the University’s Sustainability Policy and through its work has achieved Food For Life Gold, is Fair Trade University accredited and is Marine Stewardship Council certified. In addition, at the University of Greenwich is certified to ISO14001 (2015) within the universities Estates and Facilities environmental management system.

Check out our Sustainability Achievements, Awards and Strategies we have in place already.